• Mangrove Jack's Kegerator - Triple Tap (EU)
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Mangrove Jack's Kegerator - Triple Tap (EU)

  • Reference: 41069EU

voluminous product: please consult us for the calculation of international shipping costs.


  • Stainless steel forward sealing taps
  • Better balanced beer lines, to reduce foaming
  • Easy to assemble beer and gas lines with push-fit components
  • Tap tower fan cooling system for improved pouring
  • Improved gas regulator
  • Improved reliability

Delivered with :

  • 1x CO² bottle holder
  • 1x 3-spout column, non-compensated
  • 1x inner spacer grid
  • 1x external grid
  • 1x drip tray
  • 1x regulator
  • 1x supply line with 3 Ball-Lock CO2 connectors
  • 3x beer output lines with 3 Ball-Lock Beer connectors
  • 1x maintenance key

Delivered without Soda-Keg and CO2 bottle

Caractéristiques KEGERATOR
Capacity 163L
Weight 49kg
Internal width  
Internal depth 44cm
Max internal height 72cm
External width 60cm
External depth (bare) 63cm
External depth with bottle holder 77cm
Bare height without foot / without column 82cm
Bare height with castors 88cm
Max height of column 40cm
Column diameter / column base 8 / 11cm
Number soda keg 3x19L*
Number stainless steel barrel 1x33L
Number of keykeg 2x20L

 * Possibility to put 2 new 19L drums + 1 reconditioned 19L drum
* Possibility to put 3 new 19L drums by unscrewing the upper cable passage

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