• Grainfather - brewing system with control box
  • Grainfather - brewing system with control box
  • Grainfather - brewing system with control box
  • Grainfather - brewing system with control box
  • Grainfather - brewing system
  • Grainfather - brewing system
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Grainfather Connect

  • Reference: G30-GRAINFATHER
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Grainfather V2

The Grainfather is the system all-in-one brewing to make beer from grain. The elegant design, the friendly design and innovative features make your companion to brewing perfect for beginners and experienced brewers.

Included in the price :

• Tank in aisi 304 stainless steel with a capacity of 30L

• Tube pipe expandable depending on the amount of grain used (up to 9kg)

A pump with a magnetic drive, robust (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and a pipe for recirculation of the wort with insulated handle, maintaining the temperature consistent throughout the brewing process, while optimising the return.

• A filter of pompe to keep hop particles and grain pests in the tank, and to keep your wort clear and bright.

• A cooler of wort in counter-current with tube inside, copper cooling your wort to <20°C in 20mins

• Case control strengthened, showing you the temperature and allow control of the pump. Button control of temperature allows a precise regulation of the temperature with a rapid increase in temperature.

• Resistance of heater double (1600 watt and 400 watt elements) allows you to choose between a heater vigorous up to a boil or the stable maintenance of the temperature.

Lid made of tempered glass for maximum durability, heating efficiency and visibility during your day of brewing.

sieve top and bottom to your tube at the malt, allowing a uniform distribution of your rinse water and ensuring that no grain enters the tank

ATTENTION: Te the Grainfathers new contain a strip of adhesive tape in the tank. This needs to be thrown away before the first use.


  • Grainfather_controlbox_en - Grainfather Unit control box Instructions (en)

  • Instructions_Grainfather_Connect - Instructions Grainfather Connect (en)

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