Style: Round, hoppy amber ale
  • Muntons Flagship American Amber Ale
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Beer kit Muntons Flagship : American Amber Ale

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Muntons Flagship American Amber Ale
A delicious malty and toffee flavoured American Amber Ale with Cascade and Centennial hop pellets delivering a floral and citrus hop aroma, balanced by a sweet caramel finish.

ABV: 4.5%
For 20 litres
Bitterness: 25-55 IBU
Colour: 35-50 EBC
Optimal fermentation temperature: 18-21°C
Contains 30 g Cascade and 30 g Centennial hop pellets for dry hopping
Ingredients: hopped malt extract (barley malt extract, rye malt extract, hops, hop extract), hop pellets, dried yeast. Contains gluten.

Muntons Flagship range

The new Muntons Flagship range focuses on craft beer enthusiasts, offering contemporary beer more typically seen in the craft brewing sector with beer styles including Hazy IPA, Milk Stout and West Coast IPA.

Made with Muntons’ finest quality malt extract, the new Flagship kits come packed with hops and adjuncts, including amazing flavour premium hop pellets for dry hopping and a hop straining bag.
A step-by-step instruction guide tailored to the kit style, allows the home brewer to have the best experience in crafting 35 pints or 20 litres.

If you don't have the equipment necessary for kit brewing, you'll get everything you need with our Kit Débutant.

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