• PH electrode wireless HALO™, a special beer
  • PH electrode wireless HALO™, a special beer
  • PH electrode wireless HALO™, a special beer
PH electrode wireless HALO™, a special beer zoom_in

PH electrode wireless HALO™, a special beer

  • Reference: FC 2142

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FC 2142 HALO® is an innovative, new technology electrode with Bluetooth® Smart for professional wireless pH measurements. It has been specially developed for pH measurements in beer, mash and must.
Without cables, it is innovative, unique in its ergonomics and versatility: easy to use and mobile, it is operational everywhere instantly, both in the laboratory and in the field.


FC 2142 HALO® is supplied with a protective storage cap, pH 4.01 and 7.01 buffer solutions in sachets (2 x 20 mL each), 2 sachets of cleaning solution, 1 bottle of storage solution and a CR2032 battery.

The HANNA Lab App is available for free on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

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one press

Connection ultra-simple

HALO™ easily connects to the app Hanna Lab (essential for the operation of the electrode) by simple pressure on the button integrated with the electrode via Bluetooth® (range 10 m).

activity indicator

Status indicator

Visible from a distance, the built-in LED Halo notifies the user if the electrode is active and transferring data

replaceable battery

Great autonomy of operation

The Li-ion battery CR 2032 is easy to access and allows for the use of approximately 500 hours

  • PH electrode-quality laboratory, special beer, body: titanium, double junction, gel filling
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Ensure calibration and optimal pH measurements automatically compensated in temperature, eliminating erroneous readings
  • Ranges of measurements (pH 0 to 13 pH) and temperature (0 to 80 °C) extended
  • A work environment that is without cable
  • The data is transmitted wirelessly (via Bluetooth® Smart) on a smartphone / tablet / edge®blu
  • The coin-cell battery feeding the electrode ensures an autonomy of up to 500 hours
  • Storing of the calibration data, it is not necessary to proceed to a new calibration if the electrode is connected to another smartphone / tablet pc / edge®blu
  • The electrode connects to edge®blu by simple pressure on the button in the center of the electrode (range 10 m)


Reference Double, Ag/AgCl
Junction Fabric
Electrolyte Gel
Range 0.00 to 12,00 pH
The 0.0 to 80.0 °C
The shape of the tip Spherical
Outer diameter 12 mm
Total length 183 mm
Temperature of the solution The 0.0 to 80.0 °C
Temperature sensor Built-in
Body material Titanium

Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth® 4.0), range 10 m

Battery / life

CR2032 3V lithium ion / Approximately 500 hours of continuous use

The trademark and the Bluetooth logo® are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


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