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NOVAX - Série BE

  • Reference: NOVAX_BE-M25_IP55


This is a classic self-priming side-entry liquid ring pump with a star wheel. This particular type of hydraulics gives the pump an extraordinary self-priming capacity, even in the absence of a continuous flow of liquids at suction (presence of air or other gases). It is particularly suitable for the transfer of liquids such as WINE, MUST, SALTY AND SOFT WATER, MILK, OIL, GASOIL, whose viscosity does not exceed 30 degrees CENTISTOKES or 4 degrees ENGLER. The fluids to be conveyed must be neutral and clean or contain only a small percentage of suspended solids (0.2-0.5% maximum). They must have a hardness and granulation that prevents damage to the inner surface of the pump. However, a narrow-mesh filter can be fitted to the suction pipe.

The manufacturer does not recommend this pump for professional or heavy duty use

Refer to the following table to select a product that is compatible with your needs

Modele Litres par heure Diamètre (mm) CV Dimensions Poids (kg) Tours minute Voltage Type moteur Elevation max
NOVAX BE-M 20 1700 20 0.5 230x120H190 5 2850 230V electrique à induction - monophasé 25
NOVAX BE-M 25 IP 55 2500 25 0.6 230x120H190 7 1450 220V electrique à induction - monophasé 12

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