• El. Pompa *NOVAX 14-M Oil* 230Va.c. HP0,60
  • El. Pompa *NOVAX 14-M Oil* 230Va.c. HP0,60
El. Pompa *NOVAX 14-M Oil* 230Va.c. HP0,60 zoom_in

El. Pompa *NOVAX 14-M Oil* 230Va.c. HP0,60

  • Reference: 800000


Technical specifications

  • Flow rate: 600-900L/h
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Max. height : 10m
  • Speed: 1450 rpm

Classic self-priming ring pump with star impeller. This particular type of hydraulics gives the pump an extraordinary self-priming capacity, even in the absence of a continuous flow of liquids in suction (presence of air or other gases). It is particularly designed for the transfer of OLIVE OIL.

The fluids to be conveyed must be neutral and clean or contain only a small percentage of solids (0.2-0.5% max). They must have a hardness and granulation that prevents damage to the inner surface of the pump. However, a narrow-mesh filter may be fitted to the suction pipe.

This pump is not suitable for transferring liquids other than those indicated. It is a high quality product but for domestic, non-intensive use and not for professional use. The guarantee does not cover the use with liquids other than those mentioned, which are not perfectly clean (i.e. in the presence of solid particles), or professional use, etc...