Recommended use: up to 40%. Color: 5 EBC
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Malt Carapils Weyermann®

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Carapils® malt

Carapils® malt is very special. Although technically a crystal malt (or cara), it is not used as such. In fact, its main function is not to add flavor and color, but dextrins.

These dextrins are in fact complex sugars that cannot be broken down by yeast. The result will affect texture and (above all) foam retention. Although up to 40% can be used, 5% is generally sufficient to achieve the desired result. In fact, what we're looking for with Carapils® is more functional than gustatory.

Another advantage of Carapils® is that their ability to retain foam also helps to keep the most volatile aromatic compounds in the beer. On delicate beers such as certain IPAs, a small percentage of this malt will be relevant.

Crunched as it is, Carapils® will give off sweet caramel notes.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Lager
  • Ale
  • Alcohol-free
  • All types of beer except SMASH

Recommended use:
Up to 40% alcohol

Other names (depending on recipes and suppliers):
Dextrin, carafoam.

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