Recommended use: up to 5%. Color: 1210 - 1539 EBC
  • Crisp Roasted Barley
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Crisp Roasted Barley

  • Reference: ROASTCRISP-25KG


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This Roasted Barley obtained from unmalted barley is part of Crisp's range of darkest grains. The resulting color can be almost opaque and the flavor similar to a heavily roasted and bitter coffee.

This Roasted Barley combined with our chocolate and black malts will make wonderful stouts, complex and balanced.
We remind you that these dark grains will have an acidifying effect on your maische and recommend that you take this into account when correcting your brewing water.

Recommended use: up to 5%

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  • Grains


  • Cereal


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  • °L

    1210 - 1539

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