FastFerment 11 litre plastic conical fermenter (3G)

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The FastFerment 11 litre (3G) has arrived! Bring the benefits of a one-stage conical fermenter to your test batches or your kitchen countertop brewery. Save time, save place and get a better, more consistent result.

  • guaranteed consistent batches
  • primary & secondary fermentation in one vessel
  • 80% less work with no transfers & no racking
  • no sediment contamination
  • less oxygen exposure
  • ability to harvest yeast with mason jar attachment
  • easy cleaning
  • perfect for splitting batches


  • 11.3 litre total capacity
  • 15 cm removable screw top
  • total height from the bottom of the mason jar to top of lid: 58.4 cm
  • total height from the bottom of the mason jar to top of (inlcuded) airlock: 66.0 cm
  • total width conical body / stand rings: 26.9 / 28.0 cm
  • 3/4" Teflon seated union valve
  • food-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE)


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