• Brewferm rice hulls 1 kg
  • Brewferm rice hulls 1 kg
  • Brewferm rice hulls 1 kg
  • Brewferm rice hulls
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Brewferm rice hulls

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When all-grain brewing using large quantities of wheat, oats or other coarse grains, the filter bed can become easily clogged, which makes lautering very difficult. BREWFERM steam-sterilised rice hulls are the ideal solution: these rice hulls do not affect the flavour at all and can be used to improve the lautering of the mash:

- steam sterilization
- guaranteed free of biological and chemical residues
- completely aroma-free
- no clogging of the filter layer
- added during the mashing process at a rate of approximately 5% of the amount poured

When to use: whenever you expect problems lautering the mash:

- If a large quantity of wheat malt is used (over 50%) "wheat malt has no husk, which makes filtering very difficult.
- When using large quantities of unmalted cereals (flakes).
- If you use rye (which also has no husk, but which can also form a kind of "gelatine" in your brew), the filter can "snap", blocking the liquid in your brew (this is known as "stuck sparge"). To prevent this, use Brewferm rice hulls. They ensure a less compact filter layer and therefore better liquid flow.

Use: max. 5% adjunct. The simplest option is to add the rice hulls to the mash (especially if using a system that circulates the wort (Braumeister, Grainfather, Brew Monk etc.).

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