Canning starter pack

Canning starter pack

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Discover our canning starter pack :


Don't miss out on canning !

Canning is a step forward when you've already got a foothold in home brewing. Compared to bottles, cans have the advantage of protecting beer 100% from light and oxygen. They're also easier to store, and the flexibility of aluminum makes them stronger. In short, our canning starter pack brings together all the equipment you'll need to take your brewing to the next level.  

Discover what's in our canning pack :

This complete set includes all the equipment you need to start canning :

Cannular semi-automatic canner :

Easy to use, this semi-automatic 250 W - 24 V canner is ideal for canning your beers. A simple press of a button seals the lid of your can. It's one of the most compact and easy-to-use machines on the market. With a simple press, you can crimp/seal cans in 3 seconds.

Cannular 24 V PRO transformer :

Compatible and indispensable power supply for the semi-automatic can sealer. One end is an Anderson plug that connects to the socket at the rear of the machine, and the other is a 220 V plug for use with a standard outlet.

Visy chuck (CDLE) for Cannular beveler :

Essential for adapting the packer to CDLE standard lids (European standards). Thanks to this mandrel, the Cannular filling and sealing machine is compatible with cans with CDLE/CDL closures.

33cl aluminum cans + lids :

These aluminum cans are ideal for protecting your beers from oxygen and light. The thinness of aluminum also enables the beer inside to cool quickly. Carton of 75x33cl + lids.

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