• Dried wine yeast Bioferm Killer
  • Dried wine yeast Bioferm Killer
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Dried wine yeast Bioferm Killer

  • Reference: BIOFERM-KILLER.7G


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Special granulated yeast for wine fermentation with a killer factor. This fructophilic yeast enhances natural fruit aromas! Ideal for stuck fermentations, secondary fermentations and wines with a high must weight and no residual sugar.

Vinoferm KY enables purer, fuller fermentation with low foam and high alcohol yield. SO2-tolerant.

Characteristics :

- Saccharomyces Bayanus
- Fermentation temperature: 15-25°C
- Yeast nutrient requirement: low
- Alcohol tolerance: 18
- Glycerol production: 5-6 g/l
- Killer factor: yes
- Non-GMO and vegan

Grape varieties :
Suitable for all grape varieties.

15-25 g/hl

Incorporate 1 volume of yeast into 7 volumes of water and 3 volumes of must at 35-40°C. Allow to rehydrate for at least 15 minutes. Then add to the wort. Make sure that the temperature difference between the bottom of the tank and the temperature of the wort in your fermentation tank is no greater than 10°C.

Shelf life :
Vacuum-packed. Store in a cool, dry place (<15°C, ideally 4-8°C). Use within 2 to 3 days of opening.

Data sheet

  • Floculation


Specific References

  • ean13



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