'Malt - A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse' - John Mallett

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Malt - A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse
Author: John Mallett
Language: English

Brewers often call malt the soul of beer. Fourth in the Brewing Elements series, Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse delves into the intricacies of this key ingredient used in virtually all beers. In a very readable fashion, this book provides a comprehensive overview of malt, from the field through the malting process. John Mallett takes us on a tour of the history and technology of barley and malting that gives brewers of all experience levels more insight into their beer. A detailed discussion of enzymes, the Maillard reaction, and specialty malts follows. This book is of value to all brewers, who wish to learn more about the role of malt as the backbone of beer.


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