The hops list - J. Healey

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author:Julian Healey
language: English
390 pages

This book is the world’s most comprehensive encyclopaedia of beer hops. Use this book to discover new hop flavours and aromas from around the world. This book is the first and the largest collection of hops information ever compiled. With it you have access to analytical data, tasting notes, substitutes, style suggestions and lots more.

Inside you will also discover brilliant insights from brewmasters at some of the world’s most prestigious craft breweries. Deschutes, D.G. Yuengling & Son and Brooklyn Brewery among others reveal some of their favourite varieties as well as tips on how to use them best.

The hops list is a fantastic resource for professional brewers, amateur brewers and craft beer connoisseurs wanting an exhaustive resource on just about every beer hop on the planet.


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