• Brew Monk™ whirlpool arm
  • Brew Monk™ whirlpool arm
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Brew Monk™ whirlpool arm

  • Reference: 057.710.30

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The Brew Monk Whirlpool Arm is a handy accessory for the Brew Monk which fits on the external circulation pipe. The integrated magnetic pump will circulate the wort through the long pipe of the whirlpool arm, which results in a soft whirlpool movement on the bottom of the Brew Monk kettle. The movement will collect hop debris towards the middle of the kettle which will make it easier to transfer clear wort to your fermenting vessel.

Using the Whirlpool arm during the cooling process will speed up the cooling by the movement of the wort.


  • stainless steel
  • cam-lock coupling
  • equipped with safe handgrip
  • length 355 mm