Speidel Gärmeister CONTROL

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The Gärmeister CONTROL is the perfect one tank control if you own a Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank with a cooling jacket and a thermal detector. Besides the simple desired temperature control it is possible to use fermentation programmes comprising up to 5 different phases, which allow you to specify the temperature and time for each application. The settings can be altered via a touch screen display.

The Gärmeister CONTROL has outlets for the cooling circuit control valve and an optional heating circuit. The scope of delivery includes a control valve, a 2 metres cable, a thermal detector and a 24 V power connection with international plugs.

  • one tank control for Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank with cooling jacket and thermal detector
  • fermentation programme to set temperature and time with 5 phases
  • temperature adjustable between -5 °C to +50 °C
  • simple temperature control
  • touch screen TFT display
  • outlets: magnetic valve for cooling circuit, optional heating circuit
  • includes magnetic valve with 2 metres cable, thermal detector, power connection (24 V DC including international connectors for Europe, USA, GB, Australia)


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