La cuve Braumeister permet de brasser 20 litres de bières de façon automatisée. Pour brasser de...
  • Braumeister  20 litres
  • Braumeister  20 litres
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Braumeister 20 litres

  • Reference: BRAU-20L


Les délais d'expédition sont donnés à titre indicatif et sont susceptibles de changer en fonction de nos fournisseurs.

La cuve Braumeister permet de brasser 20 litres de bières de façon automatisée. Pour brasser de la bonne bière comme un professionnel, cette cuve est idéale. Précision, automatisation et facilité pour les brasseurs qui souhaitent brasser souvent.

produit volumineux : merci de nous consulter pour le calcul des frais d'expédition.


pour le brassage de quantité de 20L avec un systeme de controle / commande permettant un brassage automatisée

modèle 2015

Données techniques :

Construction : acier inoxydable
Poids : 15 kg avec éléments internes et étriers de levage
Serpentin de chauffage : puissance de chauffage 2000 watts
Pompe : 1 x 23 watts
Branchement électrique : 230 V ~
Fusible : 10 amp
Capacité : env. 20 L de bière brassée (ordinaire) = env. 25 L de moût
Remplissage maximal : dernière marque sur le tirant = 25 L


The Braumeister is programmedThe Braumeister is programmed with the corresponding brewing times depending on the beer recipe. The brewing process is launched upon switching over to the brewing automatics. The control system guides the user through the individual work steps and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically.


Initial Mashing

initial mashingWater is to be filled in and heated up to 38°C depending on the recipe and the specific process. Then the malt pipe including the screen inserts is to be put in. Malt is shed between the screen inserts. The malt pipe is fixed using a bow and a tie-rod.


Mashing / Brewing

Mashing and BrewingThe pump switches on. Then the starch is washed out of the malt thanks to the water / wort circuit that is created. The four brewing phases are run through according to what has been programmed. The following procedure is one example:
1st phase: protein rest-at 55°C, appr. 5 min
2nd phase: maltose rest-63°C, appr. 30 min
3rd phase: saccharification rest-72°C, appr. 20 min
4th phase: saccharification rest-78°C, appr. 10 min



purifying processUpon termination of the four phases, a signal tone will be heard. Now the purifying process sets in and runs off simply and quickly just by taking out of the malt pipe. In the Braumeister type Gastro (200/500 l), this is done using a lifting device. Let it drain for a few minutes and remove it – you might pour some additional water through the malt in order to obtain still a better yield.


Hop Boiling

EbullitionThe beer wort is boiled for 80 minutes with an open lid and while adding hop several times. The vaporized water has to be replaced by adding fresh brewing water – and it is possible to adjust the original wort content subsequently by adding or not adding water. The Braumeister’s tie-rod serves as a filling level indicator at the same time. Another signal tone will be heard upon termination of the boiling phase.


Fermentation / Maturing

FermentationAfter the wort boiling, the wort is cooled down to fermentation temperature as quickly as possible using the wort cooler or, in case of the Braumeister type Gastro (200/500 l), using the double jacket. Then it is mixed with yeast and fermented in a sufficiently sized bin (accessory). Upon several weeks of storage in bottles or in a maturing cask (accessories), the well cooled beer can finally be tasted.


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