Special HefeWeizen strain.
  • Wunderbar Hefeweizen
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Wunderbar Hefeweizen

  • Reference: BBGER3


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Wunderbar Hefeweizen

Wunderbar Hefeweizen offers an authentic-tasting Weissbier, with a balanced blend of spicy clove and fruity banana esters. Brewers can choose their preferred flavor profile by fermenting at the lowest temperature of its range for more clove characteristics and at the highest temperature to push banana flavors.

Ordering information:

Please note that temperatures may vary during shipping and after delivery. We strongly recommend, once the product has been received, to refrigerate it immediately after delivery.

Practical information:

Type: brewer's yeast; Saccharomyces cerevisiae (non-STA1)
Inoculation rate: Directly injectable into 20 liters of wort at 1.050 or less
Estimated attenuation: 72-80
Estimated final pH: 4.2.-4.4
Flavor and aroma profile: Produces banana and clove esters typical of weissbier.
Flocculation: Low
Recommended fermentation temperature: 68F-80F (20C-26C); ferment in the lower range for a balanced clove profile and in the upper range to push banana esters.

Special series: Bootleg Classic

"This crop is part of our Bootleg Classic program: traditional crops that have stood the test of time."

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    German Weizen

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