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Funk Weapon 4

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Funk Weapon 4

Bootleg Biology's first release!
After years in the freezer, Funk Weapon 4 comes to life with a delicious blend of ripe cherry flavors and a subtle hint of pear and papaya, even when young. Longer aging will develop these complexities into a new realm of intriguing flavors.

Try this new Brett culture with one of our unique seasonal yeasts, or blend it with another Funk Weapon for a rare Funk Flavor Frenzy!

Ordering information:

Please note that temperatures may vary during shipping and after delivery. We strongly recommend, once the product has been received, to refrigerate it immediately after delivery.

Practical information :

Type: Brettanomyces
Inoculation rate: Directly injectable into 20 liters of wort of 1.050 or less at beer temperature.
Estimated attenuation: 70%-84%.
Estimated final pH: 4.0-4.3
Flavor and aroma profile: Cherry/black fruit
Flocculation: Low
Recommended fermentation temperature: Ale range: 65F-80F (18C-27C)

Special series: Bootleg BETA

According to Bootleg Biology: "This crop is part of our Bootleg BETA program. We have conducted limited testing and are not ready to commercialize this culture for professionals. So let us know what you think! If it's great... or if you hate it... leave a comment on the product page. If you like it, we might just re-release this Bootleg BETA crop officially."

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