• Sour Solera Spring 2023
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Sour Solera Spring 2023

  • Reference: BBXSS-0323


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A “living” culture blend propagated from our carefully managed continuous solera fermentation.

Sour Solera helped win a medal in Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer (GABF 2021) for River Dog Brewing.

Sour Solera™ Blend contains a unique and complex collection of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and other funky yeast and souring bacteria pulled from an active fermentation. This blend can sour in a matter of months at 70ºF or higher, or if you prefer a more prolonged fermentation, use large amounts of aged hops and/or ferment and hold at temperatures below 70ºF.

Many lab-produced multi-species culture blends fail to reproduce the richness and complexity of traditional lambic-style fermentations in their first effort. This can be a result of artificially slamming together cultures after pulling them directly from the freezer.

This blend is available seasonally, and will always be changing and evolving due to the nature of solera fermentations. Warning: No two Sour Solera™ Blend releases will be the same, and neither will their fermentations.

This is our Spring 2023 seasonal release of the Sour Solera™ Blend. The previous releases are sold out.

Catalog: BBXSS-0323 / Spring 2023

Brewing Info*:

Type: Yeast & Lactic Acid Bacteria blend. Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and other wild variants.
Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
Estimated Attenuation: 96%-100%
Estimated Final pH: 3.2-3.5
Flavor/Aroma Profile: Funky, Sour; varies batch-to-batch
Flocculation: Low to medium; Higher with prolonged aging
Recommended Fermentation Temperature:

  • For quick souring (less than 3 months): 70-80ºF
  • For gradual souring: below 70ºF

Product Category: Dusty Bottoms Collection™

The Dusty Bottoms Collection™ is our ode to unique and hard to find cultures sourced from commercial fermentations. As much as we love local yeast, there are just some flavors and aromas that can’t be reproduced by plucking yeast out of thin air.

Many of these cultures have been used for generations to make some of the most consistently wonderful beverages in the world. Whether it’s brewer’s yeast, Brettanomyces, or Lactobacillus…these aren’t Local Yeast by our definition, but certainly were local at one time.

Data sheet

  • Strain

    Fermentation Mixte

  • Floculation

    Basse à Moyenne

  • Attenuation


  • Conservation

    Au réfrigérateur

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