Exclusive blend of saccharomyces, brett and lactic bacteria strains developed by Jester King...
  • Jester King Brewery Culture
  • Jester King Brewery Culture
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Jester King Brewery Culture

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Jester King Brewery Culture

Discover the exlusive blend of ale yeast, Brett and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) created by Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX, USA.

Jester King is a creator of world-renowned beers such as Le Petit Prince, Spon, Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout, Noble King and Atrial Rubicite.

This blend is a mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria, sourced primarily from Jester King's Austin estate in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Expect a delicate blend of fruit, pepper, spice and funk.

The Jester King brewery culture is ideal for a wide range of Belgian and farmhouse beer styles, such as grisettes, saisons and American wild ales.

Practical information:

- Type: Mixture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Cultures of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus.
- Inoculation rate: Directly injectable into 20 liters of must of 1.050 or less. We still recommend a small starter.
- Estimated attenuation: 92%-98%.
- Estimated final pH: 3.2-3.5 (unhopped), 3.8-4.0 (hopped).
- Aromatic profile: Belgian spices, funky, tangy (if unhopped).
- Flocculation: Low to medium; higher with prolonged aging.
- Recommended fermentation temperature: 18°C-24°C.

FerMENTORS special series

According to Bootleg: "The FerMENTORS series includes yeast and bacterial cultures from our favorite mixed-fermentation breweries. From spontaneous local terroir to artfully inoculated fermentations, these cultures have been carefully selected by the best "wild and sour" brewers. Never before commercialized, these unique blends are the building blocks of world-class beers you can now recreate at home."

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