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Ginger Beer Pouch

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Mangrove Jack's Ginger Beer brews a richly colored ginger beer with a delicious ginger flavor that some might even describe as a "kick."

  • ABV Approx: 4.4%
  • IBU: 12-18
  • Optimal Fermenting Temp: 20-25ºC
  • Makes:23 L
  • Yeast: Standard Ale Yeast 5g
  • Brewing Sugar Required: 1.2kg Pure Liquid Malt Extract or 1kg Dextrose

The necessary equipment for this kit can be found in our basic and rolling beers brewing packs

Want to brew your own beer with malted barley grain but don't have a recipe or don't know where to start? Ready-to-use malt kits are the ideal solution. These kits contain all the ingredients needed to brew 15-20 liters of beer: malts, special cereals (wheat, corn flakes,...), hops, possibly spices and yeast.

 Supplied with detailed instructions and brewing diagram. If you don't have any brewing equipment yet, the Brew in Bag kits offer you all the necessary material.

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