Hand-held capper, simple and intuitive to use
  • Crown-corker Emily for 26mm or 29mm caps
Crown-corker Emily for 26mm or 29mm caps zoom_in

Crown-corker Emily for 26mm or 29mm caps

  • Reference: CPSL-02


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The universal hand capper!

The Emily hand capper is the basic model for making your first brews. Virtually all home brewers have used them. The Emily hand capper offers the best value for money on the market. It's also very easy to use. Its sturdy nylon construction will stand the test of time. Supplied with interchangeable 26mm and 29mm heads, it fits most bottle models.

How to use the EMILY hand capper

Operation of the Emily hand capper is simple and intuitive. Equipped with a magnet to stabilize the caps (to ensure perfect crimping), simply place the capper head on the cap (itself placed on the neck) and apply pressure to the two levers.


For capping 29mm necks, replace the 26mm bell with the 29mm bell AND turn the jaws 180°. If the jaws are not reversed, you risk breaking both the bottle and the hand capper.

Depending on the angle at which the levers are pressed, some bottles may slip. We therefore advise you to bottle on a "bulgom" tablecloth.

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