• Spelt malt 5 EBC
  • Spelt malt 5 EBC
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Spelt Weyermann® malt 5 EBC

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Weyermann spelt malt

Spelt malt is relatively close to rye or wheat malt in that it is not barley malt. With its high protein content, spelt malt helps give beer a beautiful head. Aromatically, it brings rustic, farmhouse flavors, with gentle notes of cookie and hazelnut.

Although in theory it can be used at 100%, we don't recommend it. Indeed, its very high protein content and lack of envelope can be problematic for filtration. On the other hand, if used at a level of 30%, it will give a very original touch to saison beers.

Preferred beer styles :

  • Saison
  • Rustic lagers
  • Farmhouse

Aromatic palette and color :

malt d'épeautre

malt d'épeautre
Recommended use :
up to 60%.

Available in 25kg here

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