Compose your own malts. Choose whether to crush or not. If several malts, they are mixed in the...
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Retail malt

  • Reference: GRIST



Retail malt is prepared on demand. It requires an additional preparation time of 24 hours on top of the usual time. This product is made-to-measure at the customer's request. It is neither possible to retract nor return the product once the order has been generated. In view of this, please be particularly careful not to make any mistakes when placing your order! Check that the order is correct in your basket.

Malt weighing

Each malt is weighed to the nearest gram before being packaged.


Malts and flakes from the same recipe are mixed together in the same bag. Create several recipes to separate malts.


If the crushing option is ticked, the malts are crushed and integrated into the same bag with the flakes if applicable.
Create several retail malt recipes to separate crushed and uncrushed malts as desired.

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