• Electrovanne TriClamp 34mm
  • Electrovanne TriClamp 34mm
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Electrovanne TriClamp 34mm

  • Reference: 7713021


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Solenoid valve made from stainless steel. Designed for glycol, water and air/co2.

TC3mm ports in both ends for maximum flexibility.

Coil and plunger Italian-made by ACL.

The valve can easily ble disassembled and cleaned.

Coil has DIN 43650 Type A connector (not included).

Normally used with TC34mm to 3/8" NPT threaded adapter and leak-free quick connectors on one or both sides depending on setup.

Ports: TC34mm / TC34mm
Operation: NC (normally closed)
Power supply: DC24V, 10W
Orifice: Ø4.5mm
Pressure rating: Max 3 bar / 43 PSI

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