Whitch wort chiller to choose ?

The plate cooler cools beer rapidly by circulating cold water and wort inside. The immersion wort chiller, whether stainless steel or copper, cools the beer in the heating tank by immersion. Both solutions are efficient, enabling the beer to be rapidly cooled down from boiling temperature to fermentation temperature by means of heat exchange.

Plate chiller

The plate chiller operates by countercurrent circulation. This is the solution used by professionals. Plate coolers are highly efficient, but require careful maintenance. In particular, you need to circulate the cleaning solution to make sure there's no dried wort inside. Care must also be taken to avoid circulating solid particles inside (hops, proteins, etc.).

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Immersion wort chiller

Immersion wort chillers work by... immersion. Simply connect the coil to a water supply and immerse the cooler 5 minutes before the end of boiling to sterilize it. Immersion coils are easier to maintain than plate coolers, and deliver fast, efficient cooling. Their main disadvantage compared to plate coolers is their higher water consumption.

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