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    Brewer 30L

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Brew kettles

Choosing a brew kettle is no easy task. Depending on the type of brewing the user will enjoy, and on the budget, there are several alternatives available to the brewer. Here are the questions to ask yourself :

  1. I want an electric or gas pico brewery
  2. I want basic or precision equipment

Electric brewery

Electricity has many advantages. The main one is undoubtedly the precision of electric tanks, which are usually fitted with a thermostat. It's easy to maintain precise mashing temperatures. Among electric tanks, there are several types of equipment. For example, a basic brew kettle such as the Brewer, which heats and maintains the temperature, is ideal for starting out with brew in a bag. It can also be used as a rinse water heater.

Others prefer all-in-one automatic brewing tanks, which integrate recirculation, cooling and filtration systems, and can be programmed or controlled by telephone.

Automatic brew kettles

BrewMonk, Brewtools, Brewzilla and even Grainfather offer all-in-one brewing tanks that allow you to brew with great precision.

Gaz Brewery

Gas offers many advantages for brewing beer. Heating times are fast and, above all, you can brew anywhere as long as you have a bottle of gas. Unlike electric brewing, where power is absolutely essential. To set up a gas-powered picobrewery, all you need are stainless steel brewing tanks of the required size and a gas burner.

Stainless brew kettles

The stainless steel tanks are fully customizable to suit the brewer's wishes. The brewer can brew in a bag or install another filtration system. You need to add a thermometer to control temperature, although some are already equipped with one. With a stainless steel tank, you can brew anywhere, especially outdoors.

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The burners

To brew outdoors or in a well-ventilated shed, you'll need a stainless steel tank as above, and a gas burner to heat the tank. Be careful, however, to choose a burner strong enough to hold the weight of the full stainless steel tank chosen by the brewer.

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