Malt extract catalogue

Malt extracts are dehydrated malt blends for preservation in powder or liquid form. Malt extract is the result of mashing, it is ultimately dehydrated wort. Malt extracts are ideal for brewers who skip the mashing stage to save time, or because they don't have enough equipment to crush or filter the grain. They are also frequently used by brewers to make yeast starters or to correct a density at the end of a mash when the brewer wants to obtain a precise alcohol content.

Dry malt extracts

Dry malt extracts are the most classic version. 1kg of dry malt extract is equivalent to 1.6kg of malt. Be sure to take this difference into account when the brewer conceptualizes a recipe based on powdered malt extract.

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Liquid malt extracts

Liquid malt extracts come in syrup form. They are a slightly rehydrated version of powdered malt extracts. They contain 10% water.

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