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Hops for beer from our catalog

Aromatic hops :

Aromatic hops add flavor to beer. They are used at the end of the boiling process to flavour the beer.

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Bittering hops : 

Bittering hops have a high alpha acid content. They are used at the beginning of the boil to give the beer its bitterness.

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Cryo Hops

Cryo hops are a massive concentrate of essential oils containing aroma and bitterness stripped of the main plant material.

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Hops for beer in leaf or pellets?

Purists will prefer hops for beer in leafs. But pellets are actually hop cones compressed to make them a little more convenient to use for brewing. In fact, they dilute rather well in liquid and settle more easily than cones. They are very practical for cold hopping, as they fall to the bottom, into the lees, after distributing their essential oils to the beer. Cones, on the other hand, should preferably be integrated into a filter. Whether cone or pellet hops, there are no significant differences in bitterness or aroma. Only use differs slightly.

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