Which brand to choose ?

When it comes to malt extract kits, the choice is vast. To help you, we've put together a short guide to extract-based kits. We've also included a page to help you brew your chosen kit.

See our brewing help for malt extract kits

Whether you're into classic Belgian beers, English beers, or New School craft... Brewferm, Muntons and Mangrove Jack's have some very interesting and diverse offerings. Here's a quick overview of the different kit types.


Brewferm offers a whole collection of "ready-to-brew" hopped malt extracts. These kits offer an excellent quality/price/brewing time ratio. The recipes are fairly classic (Belgian dubbel, Triple, saison...) for volumes from 7 to 20L. All you have to do is put the extract in the fermentation bucket, dilute it with hot water and that's it. In 1 hour, you'll have brewed your beer.


Muntons kits are resolutely English beer-oriented. You'll find 4 distinct ranges.

The "Connoisseur" and "Premium" ranges offer kits based on hopped malt extracts in the same can format as brewferm kits. With these kits, you can brew between 13 and 20 liters of classic British-style beers.

The "Gold" range offers higher-quality packaging and a slightly more specialized choice of beers, such as Wee Heavy or Continental Pilsner. The raw materials used to make up the malt extracts in this range are also of higher quality. With the "Gold" collection, we're in the upper range of extract-based kits.

Finally, Muntons' most advanced range is the "Flagship" collection. It's ideal for adding "real ingredients" to your brew, as you slowly move towards all-grain brewing. Although the malt extract used is hopped, the manufacturer sometimes adds extra hops that need to be added during brewing. What's more, the recipes on offer have a more modern, even American craft orientation.

Mangrove Jack's

Mangrove's approach is the most modern of the 3 extract-based kit brands we offer. These kits don't take the form of a can, but brewing will be carried out in the same way as with brewferm kits, with one exception. As this is the top range, you'll need to make an additional addition not supplied in the kits. Indeed, to give body and flavor to the finished product, Mangrove requires the addition of Glucose/Dextrose or beer enhancer or extrait de malt spéical boost.