Brewtools brewing equipment

What is "Brewtools" ?

Brewtools is a Norwegian manufacturer of brewing tanks and equipment. The company's vision is "Sustainable Innovation". At the cutting edge of technology, working with solid materials and passionate engineers, Brewtools is able to offer equipment of unparalleled quality, guaranteed for 5 years. 

The brand is aimed at professionals as well as experienced and passionate amateur brewers. 

Brewtools brewing tanks

The Brewtools brewing tanks are automatic tanks that are ultra efficient and totally customizable. The manufacturer offers 3 sizes of tanks: 

brewtools brewing system b40pro (boiling capacity of 40L or up to 9kg of malt) 

brewtools brewing system b80pro (boiling capacity of 80L or up to 20kg of malt)

B150 pro brewing system (boiling capacity of 150L or up to 35kg of malt)

One of the main advantages of Brewtools brewing tanks is the conical bottom with central drainage. This system allows to limit the loss to the maximum and facilitates the cleaning of the tank. 

Another point that puts these tanks at the top level is the two temperature sensors. Precision and control are greatly improved. 

The electronic control panel is touch sensitive but can also be controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Attention: We cannot stock this equipment in our warehouse yet which explains the status "soon back in stock" and "shipped within two weeks" so you have to order them from us and we will take care of the delivery to your home.  

brewtools brewing system b40pro

cuve de brassage, cuve automatique, brewtools B40 pro

The brewtools b40pro automatic brewing tank can be a pivotal point between the world of home brewing and professional brewing. It is the highest quality 35L brewing equipment available on the market. In fact, it is professional brewing equipment on an amateur scale.

brewtools b80pro

cuve de brassage, cuve automatique, brewtools b80

The brewtools b80pro automatic brewing tank is designed for enthusiasts who want to switch to a larger brewing volume while remaining on high quality equipment. It can also be used as a "test" brewing tank for professional brewers. 

Brewtools B150 Pro

cuve automatique, cuve de brassage, brewtools b150

The B150 pro automatic brewing tank is the largest automatic tank model at Brewtools. It represents a very good choice to start as a professional brewer with an optimal quality equipment. It is for example an ideal model when a beer cellar or a bar wants to offer its own beers on demand.