Brewing kit : recipe guide

A brewer's kit offers an excellent recipe for making a beer to suit what you like to drink. Whether you prefer IPA, white ale or dark beer, the brew kit is there to offer a turnkey recipe ready for brewing.

All our brewer kits include hops, yeast and (if the recipe calls for it) spices, but no brewing equipment. These kits are therefore aimed at brewers who are already equipped. What's more, they are not crushed by default, but you can always choose this option in addition, if you don't have a mill. Here are the different types of recipe on offer.

Brewer kit for white beer :

White beers are beers made with a certain proportion of wheat. They are generally light, thirst-quenching, fresh and spicy. Belgian, German or sour, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

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Brewer's kit for brewing blond beers:

There are many different types of lager. Whether you prefer them light, dry, spicy, hoppy or round, the choice is vast in both Ale and Lager. A lager brewing kit makes it easy to brew a superb recipe to share with friends.

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Brewer kit for brewing an IPA :

For some years now, IPAs haven't run out of steam! More bitter (or not) and, above all, more hoppy, they offer a wide range of aromatic profiles. Fruity, citrus, tropical, resinous, dry or full-bodied, here's everything you need to brew an IPA at home.

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Brewer kit for amber beer :

Amber beers are often malt-oriented. Aromas are typically caramelized and biscuity, with occasional roasted notes. Some examples give a touch of hops, while others focus on the spiciness of certain yeasts. Whether Belgian, British or American, brewer's kits for amber beers are all about taste and character.

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Black beer brewer kit :

Black beers use roasted malts. Flavors are oriented toward coffee and/or cocoa. Some recipes may also feature caramelized and biscuity notes. Round or dry, strong or light, with this type of brewer's kit, profiles will be varied. Dark beer lovers, go for it!

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Brewer's kit for brewing Belgian beer :

Belgian beers are typical Belgian recipes such as saison, triple or wit. The characteristic of this type of recipe is that they will always focus on the spicy aromas of yeasts positive to the STA1 gene. This gene gives clove and banana aromas. Whatever the case, the brew kits we offer in this category will always produce beers with character! Some have even won medals in competitions.

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What is a brewer kit?

A brewer's kit is a kit of brewing ingredients to make 20 liters of beer. It is aimed at brewers who already have their own equipment and are looking for turnkey recipes for brewing good beer.

Some kits come with malt already crushed, others don't (simply choose the crushing option as well). If you want to brew a good beer but don't know what or how to design your own recipe, the brewer kit is perfect for you.

Some of our brew kits come with physical brewing instructions. For those we have created, we have decided to offer only a digital version. These step-by-step recipes can be found on our blog (but only in french). 

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