Yeast for beer from our catalog

In this category, you'll find the best yeast for beer available on the market. From classic best sellers like US-05 from fermentis to innovative manufacturers like Bootleg Biology, our aim is to offer you as many strains as possible so that you can customize your brews as much as possible. We offer dry and liquid strains in yeast formats for home and professional brewing.

Differences between liquid and dry yeasts

Dry yeasts are the easiest to use. They are dehydrated, which means they can be stored for longer and are easy to handle. There is a wide range of dry yeast for beer available on the market, but the manufacturing process is rather complex, so liquid yeasts are more numerous. This gives access to particularly interesting and original brewing yeast strains in liquid format.

However, liquid yeasts are rather fragile, needing to be kept in a cool place and having a limited shelf life. That's why their price is much higher. Simply put, they allow you to use a very specific, rarer and often more original strain for a beer recipe, and this will only be available in liquid yeast. The rest of the time, for standard brews, you'll be using a traditional dry-brewing yeast, which is less expensive and more flexible.

Dry Yeast

Our catalog includes many brands of dry yeast. They are easy to use and keep well in a temperate place.

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Liquid Yeast

Liquid yeast is fragile and should be used as soon as possible. If you wish to use them at a later date, you'll need to store them in a cool place before use. After a few weeks, it's best to use several packs, or to make a yeast starter before fermenting your wort. We ship liquid yeast as quickly as possible, and keep it in a cool place to ensure a good quantity of healthy yeast when you receive your parcel.

We ship liquid yeast with an ice pack, to keep the product as cool as possible. We also reserve the right to delay delivery, especially in summer, to ensure the fastest possible delivery without public holidays.

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