Beer ingredients

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Beer ingredients

Beer ingredients for brewing beer.


  • Malts and cereals Malts and cereals

    Malts, flakes and other unmalted grains for the brewing of beer

  • Hops Hops

    Hop cones (flowers) vacuum packaged in bags with 5 layers for a long-lasting protection (barrier protection again oxygen, UV and humidity).

  • Dried yeast Dried yeast
    Yeasts Fermentis of breweries dehydrated for ale (SAFALE), lager (SAFLAGER) and speciality beers (SAFBREW)
  • Malt extracts Malt extracts
    For the homebrewing with spraymalt
  • Brewing adjuncts Brewing adjuncts
  • Liquid yeast Liquid yeast
    Wyeast Laboratory produces liquid yeasts for professionals breweries and the home-brewers. Many available origins for numerous styles of unique beers...