Easy beer kit

Beer kits are the easiest and least expensive way to start making beer at home. Some of our kits even provide all the equipment you need to get started. For others, all you need is a few materials, which you'll also find in this section.

kit à bière
kit à bière
kit à bière

Rolling Beers beer kits

Rolling Beers beer kits enable you to brew 8 liters of beer like the professionals, from raw grain. As well as working with the unprocessed raw material, these kits have the advantage of providing all the equipment needed for fermentation and cleaning. For brewing, your own kitchen equipment will suffice ! 

The 3 main recipes are Blonde, Blanche and IPA. They have been concocted by the brewing members of the Rolling Beers team. Once you've brewed with one of these beer kits, the equipment is reusable. To repeat the experience, simply take a refill.

These refills are simply the raw material needed for the recipe. We also offer recipes for stout, Christmas beer and triple !

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Hopped malt extract beer kits

Beer kits based on hopped malt extracts are like an "all-in-one" for a first approach to brewing. Simply infuse the extract, add the yeast and wait for fermentation to take place. The advantage of these beer kits is that they save time and don't require much investment in terms of equipment. You'll need just 1 to 2 hours brewing time, for a two-week fermentation.

Mangrove's beer kits

Mangrove beer kits are designed in New Zealand and offer a range of modern recipes. Resolutely "craft", Mangrove kits can brew up to 23 liters of sour, stout, pale ale or IPA :

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Muntons beer kits

A traditional English player, Muntons offers typically British recipes for lovers of British ales. Simply brew an Old Ale, Irish Stout or Export Stout with Muntons kits. Most kits can brew 23 liters of beer.

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Brewferm beer kits

Brewferm offers a wide range of recipes for brewing your first home-brewed beer with ease. The kits are reasonably priced and can be used to brew a whole range of hoppy beverages. These kits, which will delight lovers of triples, doubles or old browns, allow you to make between 7 and 20 liters of beer, depending on the recipe.

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Please note: you must have the right equipment to make a beer kit.

Apart from the Rolling Beers kit (where the basic equipment is included), a minimum of equipment is required: fermenter, capper, cleaner. For Brewferm kits, a fermentation bucket and cleaner may suffice. For the rest, however, you'll need at least the equipment suggested in our kit basic, or a kit débutant which offers a little more equipment for those who want to evolve or brew regularly.

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Why choose a beer kit?

A beer kit means being able to brew a good beer without investing too much money. When you're interested in beer, and like to do things yourself, home brewing quickly becomes an option. However, if you've done your homework, you'll have noticed that the equipment represents a certain investment, and that the brewing time is rather long. That's when buying a beer kit comes into its own. 

A kit allows you to brew a recipe in a small volume and/or in a short time.

The advantage of a beer kit is that it allows you to see if the brewing process appeals to you, without having to break the bank. Many of the recipes on offer are less than 10 liters, so all you usually have to do is buy a fermentation bucket (if it's not supplied with the kit) and your kitchen kettles will do the job.

In fact, this type of kit is mainly a gateway into the world of home brewing. In 90% of cases, the brewer is bitten by the passion and chooses to go further.