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kit de brassage
kit de brassage
kit de brassage

What are your needs ?

As home brewers, your needs can vary greatly and evolve over time.

Do you already have some experience and the equipment to brew a 20-liter volume ? Then our special beer making kits should meet your needs. We offer the raw materials you need to make a multitude of recipes depending on what you like to drink.

If you don't have the experience and/or equipment, or prefer volumes of less than 10 liters, then our special beginners' all-grain beer making kit will be perfect for you.

To help you make the right choice, we've grouped our kits into two levels : Beginner or Brewer.

The best choice for a Beginner : an "all-grain" beer making kit

Our brewing kit for beginners is the most complete on the market. It contains all the (reusable) equipment needed to brew 8 liters of beer. Easy to use, let us guide you and make your 1st beer a success.

Ideal for beginners or as a gift, it enables you to acquire brewing skills quickly. By touching on the raw materials, the "all-grain" beer making kit allows you to make your own beer as you would in a professional microbrewery. This type of kit is easy to use and allows you to truly brew your own beer, going through all the stages of the brewing process: infusion of malt, addition of hops, fermentation etc...

What about brewing again?

As you'll already have the necessary equipment supplied in the brewing kit, we've created a whole system of refills for you. You'll be able to find the raw material you need to make or remake 8 liters of beer. What's more, there's even more choice available in refills, as you'll find a recipe for stout, triple and Christmas beer!

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Are you already a Brewer and need ready-to-use ingredients?

The kits we present here have been designed for brewers who already have brewing equipment. Once again, you'll be able to choose from a range of different recipes to suit your needs!

In case you didn't know, we've got a blog (only in french for now) entirely devoted to brewing, featuring recipes tested and approved by our brewing team members! If you're interested in brewing our recipes, then these brewing kits contain all the ingredients you need to brew 20 liters of beer.


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And for those who want to make things even simpler?

There are beer kits for those who don't want to take the headache out of brewing. This type of kit, based on hopped malt extract, requires only an hour's brewing and one to two weeks' fermentation. Admittedly, it lacks the raw raw material and all the professional brewing steps, but this type of kit can be a good compromise for people who don't have a whole day to brew. These kits will be presented in the second part of the beginners' beer kits section :

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