• Levure à bière sèche Hophead Ale Yeast  M66
Levure à bière sèche Hophead Ale Yeast  M66 Neu

Levure à bière sèche Hophead Ale Yeast M66

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M66 Hophead Ale Yeast is a yeast and enzyme blend that has been designed to promote a hop forward, fruity profile - perfect for contemporary IPAs from New England to West Coast styles.

Enzyme Blend:

The included enzyme is one which is traditionally used in winemaking to enhance aromatic qualities by cleaving volatile aromatic compounds from the grapes. The same activity works with hops too, by cleaving volatile aromatic terpenes, which enhances the aromatic qualities of the hops!

In most IPAs, brewers use a neutral yeast and let the hops come through without interference. Instead, M66 takes these tropical, citrus, fruity notes from the hops and enhances them to make the most of your hop's qualities, whilst leaving a body appropriate for the style. The yeast also enhances esters in the beer, providing a well-balanced malt and hop aroma profile.

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