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German Wheat Kit

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With the "German White" brewing kit, make 8 litres of beer from the grain in your kitchen like a professional.

Color: White
Alcohol: 4.2%.
Bitterness: Sweet
Quantity: 8 litres of beer


The "French Blonde" brewing kit allows you to brew 8 litres of a blond beer with 4.2% alcohol and a balanced bitterness. This recipe has been developed for lovers of a dry and easy-to-drink beer, with hints of red fruit and fresh herbs. Light and refreshing, it is the ideal beer to share as an aperitif.

Content in the "French Blonde" brewing kit

Material : 

A 12L fermenter with lid and tap
An air locker
A thermometer
24 x plastic caps
24 x muzzle and capsules
A cleaning brush
Cleaning product

Ingredients :

Malt (gluten)

This kit requires kitchen equipment not included in the kit, namely:

Pot for 8 litres
Casserole for 4 litres

Technische Daten

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