Fermzilla 55L et accessoires pression

Fermzilla 55L et accessoires pression

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55L pressure fermentation kit.


55-litre pressure fermentation kit
This kit contains all the essentials you need for successful pressure fermentation. While the Fermzilla 55L is a great conical fermenter in its own right, we've decided to make things easier for you with a few accessories.

In addition to the Fermzilla 55L, this kit contains a duotight line regulator, essential for regulating the pressure in the fermenter. We've also included a ball lock connector, a fitting and a John Guest hose for easy connection of the regulator to the fermenter.

Last but not least, we've added a Hop Bong, the ultimate accessory for pressurised dry hops. With this accessory you can purge and add hops to your beer in complete safety. This further reduces the risk of oxidation.

This pack includes :
Fermzilla 55L
Fermzilla lid with hop bong
duotight in-line regulator
CO2 ball lock connector
FFL 5/16" union
John Guest 5/16" hose

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