• ARL: The Southern Lager Yeast
  • ARL: The Southern Lager Yeast
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ARL: The Southern Lager Yeast

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Arlington, VA

ARL™ is our flagship lager strain and the very first culture added to our bank.

This culture ferments extremely clean in the 50’sF (lagers) & 60’sF (Kolsch and Lager hybrids like Cold IPAs), and can produce faint citrus in the higher end of fermentation. May produce sulfur aromas during primary fermentation, but those will be eliminated within a couple weeks (allow longer aging if fermenting at lower temperatures). ARL is a high attenuator and will produce a dry beer.

Featured in Thrash Can by Sceptre Brewing Arts, the beer that inspired the annual Southern Lager Invitational.

Catalog: BBARL – ARL: The Southern Lager Yeast™

Brewing Info*:

Type: Saccharomyces pastorianus
Pitching Rate: Directly pitchable into 5 gallons of 1.050 or lower wort
Estimated Attenuation: 88%-93%
Estimated Final pH: 4.4-4.6
Flavor/Aroma Profile: Clean, malty, bready, light citrus
Flocculation: High
Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 55-68ºF

Product Category: Local Yeast Project™

Local Yeast Project™ cultures are our hand-picked favorite Local Yeast Project™ strains that were originally sourced from local areas around the U.S. and the world. These cultures are a great opportunity for brewers interested in the areas they were sourced to create a house wild culture for brewing. The majority of Local Yeast Project cultures will be considered clean-fermenting, are highly attenuative and work best at normal ale temperatures.

Due to these culture’s wild nature, there will be variations in fermentation performance and flavor/aroma contributions batch to batch. Brewing with local wild cultures will be a fun and unique experience, but will be far more variable than with domesticated brewer’s yeast. This is an opportunity to get a truly local flavor by starting with a local wild culture and shaping it to your preferences and brewing profile.

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